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Breach Emulation Pricing Partners About Us Contact

Founded in 2015 by Allianz, BASF, Bayer, and Volkswagen, DCSO offers innovative managed security services and a secure platform for businesses, authorities, and research institutes to combat cybercrime. With a focus on German SMEs and large corporations, DCSO provides managed security services in the areas of threat identification (Threat Intelligence), monitoring and detection (Threat Detection & Hunting), incident response assistance and consulting services for the evaluation of security technologies and the development of resilient security processes.

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Services with RedMimicry

The Cyber Security Effectiveness Assessment and Incident Response Readiness Exercise are two DCSO services that use RedMimicry for an attack simulation in the customer network on systems close to the production environment.

The Cyber Security Effectiveness Assessment (CSEA) checks the effectiveness of technical security monitoring measures. This is carried out using a catalog of semi-automated security checks based on the exact replication of attack behavior from past malware campaigns. The results help to identify gaps and potential for improvement in attack detection.

The Incident Response Readiness Exercise (IRRE) focuses on interactive training for the defense team. An attack is simulated step by step along all phases of the cyberkill chain. Each phase is presented in detail and carried out in the presence of all participants. The effects are immediately visible and the security analysts learn which artifacts manifest themselves in the security systems used. This training provides an in-depth understanding of the methods and procedures of attackers in the customer’s environment and thus enables the best possible preparation for an emergency.

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