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Breach Emulation Pricing Partners About Us Contact

RedMimicry is a semi-automated solution for breach and attack emulation. It empowers you to test cyber defenses against realistic attacks, modeled after the latest threats.


Key Features

RedMimicry is designed for efficiency and ease of use, reducing the need for specialized offensive security engineering.


Conduct regular and efficient tests of your cyber defense systems and Security Operations Centers (SOCs). RedMimicry features scenarios for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.

Realistic Emulation

Features Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) comparable to actual threats, such as LockBit. The range of scenarios allows an escalation from basic security testing to advanced attacks. Endpoint and network security evasion require current detection technology.

Repeatable Scenarios

Test endpoints with minimal additional effort in a repeatable manner. Through multipurpose edge nodes the same systems can act as C2 and delivery infrastructure depending on the selected scenario.


Navigate with ease through a web interface designed for intuitive use. Manual deviations from scenarios are possible through an interactive agent console.

Frequent Updates

Stay ahead with updates on emerging threat scenarios. We ensure that purchased playbooks remain operation and continously add new scenarious to the platform.


Select the solution that best meets your needs, available as an on-premises option for optimal information security, and as an easy to use SaaS.

Use Cases

Use Cases

RedMimicry serves security consultancies, penetration testers, and enterprise customers with its versatile scenario range. It challenges endpoint and network-based defenses as well as SOC teams at all skill levels. Our customers use RedMimicry to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures and to create realistic training scenarios for security analysts.



Select a playbook to run from the library. All playbooks are tagged with the used techniques.



Read up on the threat actor and the TTPs that are emulated in the selected playbook.



Assign systems to playbook functions and configure payload specific settings.



Review the event timeline and trigger the next step in the playbook to be executed. Automated exection is also supported.


Frequently asked questions

What is RedMimicry?

RedMimicry is a semi-automated solution designed to emulate cyberattacks. It helps in testing cyber defense measures against realistic scenarios that mimic current threats.

Who is RedMimicry designed for?

RedMimicry is designed for companies that assist end customers in enhancing their cyber defense capabilities and processes. It’s an excellent solution for more efficient purple and red teaming exercises.

What is Breach and Attack Emulation?

Breach and Attack Emulation is a cybersecurity practice that involves executing advanced cyber-attacks on an organization’s IT infrastructure. The aim is to test the effectiveness of security measures and identify vulnerabilities. It helps assess the effectiveness of an organization’s detection and response mechanisms. Simulating attacks enables organizations to evaluate the performance of their security tools (like SIEMs, IDS/IPS, firewalls, etc.) in detecting and responding to threats.

How is RedMimicry different from Breach and Attack Simulation tools?

RedMimicry is a platform that facilitates the execution of cyber-attacks modeled after real-world scenarios. Unlike Breach and Attack Simulation Tools like XMCyber, RedMimicry closely emulates the behavior of real-world threat actors. It’s not a fully-automated tool and encourages step-by-step execution to gain maximum insight into implemented cyber defense mechanisms. During an executed playbook, attackers can deviate from the playbook’s predefined path at any time and execute custom commands and tools.

What are the USPs of RedMimicry?

RedMimicry offers realistic threat emulation with minimal effort required for infrastructure setup or custom development. The system is user-friendly, and we continuously add high-quality scenarios to our platform.

What does RedMimicry cost?

For information on our pricing, please visit our Pricing page.

I want an assessment with RedMimicry for my company, who can do that?

RedMimicry GmbH does not offer services with RedMimicry. We depend on our partners to deliver high-end, reliable threat emulation services. Check out our Partner page to learn more.