Meet RedMimicry, a cybersecurity solution for automated breach and attack emulation built for consulting firms. This innovative software is geared toward testing security measures, verifying network-wide protection, response capabilities and visibility.

RedMimicry is a novel solution, offering new and effective approach to purple teaming. It provides a continuously updated feed of malware emulation scenarios allowing customers to emulate up-to-date endpoint infection chains and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of real threat actors at the press of a button.

Key Features of RedMimicry

Designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, RedMimicry minimizes the need for extensive offensive security engineering resources. It facilitates comprehensive, regular, and repeatable testing, contributing to improved scalability. The user-friendly web interface allows you to select a playbook, configure the settings, and execute emulations on one or more endpoints. Upon completion, you can evaluate visibility and response effectiveness using the threat emulation report and the exported signature package.

Illustrating an Emulation Scenario

RedMimicry is designed to seamlessly set up and execute complex testing scenarios. Consider a scenario in which an email arrives, containing a link to a concealed download of a ZIP file facilitated through HTML smuggling. Upon accessing the download, an inflated ISO file is extracted, containing a DLL and LNK file. Subsequently, the LNK file launches the DLL payload with rundll32.exe, triggering a Qbot emulation. This can lead to further activities such as hands-on-keyboard-style operations or a ransomware emulation deployment.

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Elevate Your Capabilities

Together, we’ll secure your clients’ digital assets against relentless cyber threats. By adopting RedMimicry, you’ll enhance your security consulting services, empower your firm to emulate realistic threats, build lasting trust with your clients, and scale your business effectively.