Founded in 2023 by Alexander Rausch, RedMimicry GmbH creates a product that empowers security consulting companies to perform purple teaming exercises for their business clients.

Our mission is to ensure cybersecurity protection measures and processes are consistently verified and validated in a dependable and reproducible manner, providing the highest level of confidence in digital security.

Alexander Rausch - Security Researcher / Founder & CEO

Before establishing RedMimicry GmbH, Alexander held a position as a Senior Offensive Security Engineer at Proofpoint, where he was responsible for prototyping and developing components for malware analysis sandbox systems and conducting internal red teaming exercises against the detection pipeline.

During his work at the DCSO Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation, Alexander honed his skills in malware analysis and reverse engineering. He played a crucial role in incident response support and contributed to various research projects as a part of the internal DCSO::LABS team. Alexander’s extensive background in cybersecurity forms the foundation of RedMimicry GmbH’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

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